Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Well ARE Students doing after they graduate? Oregon: Call Home

February 9, 2012, Senator Ron Wyden D-OR introduced S-2098, titled the “Student Right to Know Before You Go Act." (watch unveiling on YouTube)

I just got off the phone with the Senator's office, where his helpful staff assured me that my well-reasoned demands—that this bill include "transparency" in regard to the phantom work-force that now runs higher ed—would be heard. 

The first, now-greying, generation of full-time adcon/NTT/contingent (your choice) faculty know a lot about the link between learning and earning. All of them, first and foremost our Oregon brothers and sisters, but everybody, should write to the senator and ask that he include in his bill a demand for full transparency as to faculty staffing and NTT/tenured ratios

Senator Wyden's bill seems designed in good-faith and in the interests of "transparency" to provide potential students with the information they need to make good higher ed choices. One category is student success in the job market after graduation. We know a lot about this too. 

Write, email, fax, call:, appropriate committee members and the Senators in your state.

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