Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly #EdTech News Roundup

Audrey Watters, technology journalist, freelance writer, ed-tech advocate, recovering academic, rabble-rouser, and single mom, reports on ed tech at Hack Education and Inside HigherEd. Her stories have appeared on NPR/KQED's education technology blog MindShift, in the data section of O’Reilly Radar, and in the Edutopia's blog (among other places).

No matter what position taken on ed-tech and its future in / influence on higher education teaching, working conditions and employment, no one can afford to let ignorance be zir lodestar. Keep abreast in a single step and one stop by following Audrey's column. This week's round-up includes politics (SOPA, SCOTUS), launches (Wolfram Alpha), updates/upgrades (e-textbooks), retroactivity (restrictions and other unfortunate news), research and data, funding, contests and awards.


Weekly Ed-Tech News Roundup: The Digital Textbook Scramble and more...

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