Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reading Room: Patterns in Academia

Actions. Protests. Campaigns Occupations. Summits. Conferences. Conventions. You know the boundaries are blurring when cops pepper spray not Berkeley but UC Davis (the 2nd whitest UC campus in the system) students and there is a movement to Occupy MLA, about which most of the conversations take place on Twitter. You doubt? Then search and follow the OccupyMLA or OMLA with or without hashtags. See for yourself. 

Change and transgression are in the air. So why am I posting a collection on annotated links from a book blog? Easy... we need intel from multiple perspectives, not just the usual academic media, a few blogs written by academics and mainstream media. It's also a change of pace. We need that too

Cathrine Hasse and Stine Trentemoller (Academia): Cultural Work Place Patterns in Academia. Rex J. Pjesky (West Texs A&M) and Daniel Sutter (Troy): Does the Lack of a Profit Motive Affect Hiring in Academe? Evidence from the Market for Lawyers....

Do the humanities really need to be protected from the encroachment of the sciences? .... Distracted by activism: If faculty members in education (and many other disciplines) want to influence public policy, they have no choice but to look beyond traditional academic publishing .... Robert Weissberg writes in defense of bad teaching
Not feeling the kinship: Anthropologists debate whether their discipline is divided into humanities and science tribes, and wonder why they can’t all get along. Academics from physicists to experts on Scandinavian culture are crafting stand-up comedy routines based on their work — but this is no joke.
Read the rest of Patterns in Academia plus more Omnivore treats at the Book Forum

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