Thursday, November 10, 2011

NFM Statement on the Repeal of SB 5 in Ohio

NFM is pleased to have been a part of the struggle to preserve collective bargaining rights for public employees in Ohio.  

However, as satisfying as the victory in Ohio is, it is critically important to remember that part-time faculty and graduate students still do NOT have the right to bargain collectively here in Ohio.  It is time now to extend collective bargaining to these faculty members who do the majority of the teaching in appalling working conditions in public colleges and universities in Ohio.  

We hope that the faculty unions will commit themselves equally to fighting for professional working conditions for these colleagues as they did to preserving the rights of the full-time faculty.  Because faculty working conditions are student learning conditions, all students deserve equal access to professionally supported full- and part-time faculty.
Public Statements that recognize the need to continue to work to extend collective bargaining rights to all faculty:

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