Thursday, October 20, 2011

still writing & occupying but why

I'm working my way through blogs, FB pages and Twittiverse and have the outlines of a Why I Write blog post in hopper ~ unless I burn out before getting to it. Today, after all, is National Day on Writing and composition adjuncts are legion in the academy. Ethan has been addressing numbers in his series but not yet by discipline. Just getting counted is the first step. In the meantime, there is still OWS. This ~ Occupy Mordor, below ~ caught my fancy. There are clever posters but not enough much humor, the price of earnestness.

occupy mordor
A couple of analysis articles from The Nation caught my attention: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere and Occupy Wall Street: The Beginning Is Here. Notable omission: We are 99% on Tumblr. Among other historical background pieces, a Salon interview, Occupy Wall Street: A Historical Perspective, explores the historical and populist roots of popular movements in the US, comparing root causes and manifestations to the one at hand. A Chronicle article on The Intellectual Roots of Wall St is also worth a look. Overall, a well populated feed reader and hashtags are still better sources than academic or progressive mainstream media.

Although the phenomenon is not as new as pundits claim,  organization strategies are. A retired military Special Ops specialist posted a series on the movement at Global Guerrillas and created an OWS wikiCac.ophony analyzed Occupation Communication. Our lesson, as I pointed out in an earlier post, will be what we can or are willing to take away from the occupy movement. 

How can we adapt and apply OWS lessons? Some are clear, less problematic: others will go against the grain. A Tumblr blog modeled on "We are the 99%" is easy and obvious. We are, after all, the 80%. Leaderless (non-hierarchical) and "open source" actions will be sticking points.


 For now, what can we adapt or use for Campus Equity Week 2011? What popular CEW activities can updates modeling on Occupy adaptations? 

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