Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peterson's, and Collegeview: Where do they get their information?

NOTE: Thanks to commenter below-I should have pointed out, there are more than 1100 faculty at WCC, and therefore the info given to Collegeview must refer only to full-timers. So, why?  Who left out the majority of the faculty? More later.

Ok here's another, and my query:

I am an adjunct prof at Westchester Community College (WCC) and elsewhere. Your faculty numbers for WCC are not correct. There are more than 1100 faculty at WCC, but your numbers indicate a total of only 174. Where did you get your numbers from? This is a serious difficulty. I am sure that the WCC Office of Institutional Research and Planning can help you correct this. 

I hope other people are looking at their colleges. On these types of sites and, by the way, at the Bureau of Labor Statistics—don't get me started, I have to grade a zillion exams!—there are strong hints of very dicey reporting practices, for many colleges and institutions, not just WCC

Do you know what your institutions are telling the public, and state and federal government?


  1. Backstory? Context? Analysis? Where are you going with this?

  2. At wcc there are perhaps 1100 faculty-obviously adjuncts. We don't have exact numbers. The 174 given in Collegeview is about the number of full-timers. This is what is reported in most official WCC literature as "faculty." In short, adcon labor is just disappeared. So, where do folks get their info? And this is a general problem, not just a WCC problem. Sorry for confusion-check previous post, and I'll have more if I can survive my 6-course midterm trauma: well, I will, eventually.


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