Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#CEW Cookbook: Spice up #TeachIns

Not part of #CEW2011, but organized by UNM's Peace Studies Program to support #OWS and supplement 'burque's iteration, activities planned for this event certainly could be adapted for Campus Equity Week. Teach-ins and poetry. Lectures to livestreamed. Video night. I wouldn't be surprised to hear live about live music being added, especially with slam and hip-hop already on the bill. The overall structure is familiar: added performance elements spice it up, and livestreaming delivers it to a larger audience.

Adjuncts and contingent faculty scheduling non-violence training might give admin pause though. OK scratch that one. Teach-in topics as listed do not directly address higher ed issues, let alone confront contingency. Although no faculty speakers are specifically identified as adjuncts, some could be. Members of G.E.T., the UNM graduate student employees organization will be filling some slots. 
 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - University of New Mexico professors are slated to aid the "(Un)occupy Albuquerque" protesters with teach-ins.
The professors are scheduled to join the protesters from now and until Friday by giving teach-ins on the "occupy" movement in New Mexico and around the nation.
Organizers say the lectures are aimed at discussing how current protests against Wall Street around the country compare to previous protest movements.
Among those set to give lectures are UNM Architecture professor Mark Childs and American Studies professor Alyosha Goldstein. The lectures also will be streamed live.
"Occupy Albuquerque" movement changed its name recently to "(Un)occupy Albuquerque" after concerns were raised about the negative connotations of the word 'occupy' in a city with a large Native American population.
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