Thursday, October 13, 2011

Campus Equity Week at Union County College, #CEW2011

The Union County College Chapter of United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey is planning a day of action during Campus Equity Week, on October 26. We have approval for some tables in the main hallway which our Chapter Board will man wearing Scarlet Letter Polos- a Red A for Adjunct. We have some posters being made up to demonstrate our exploitation and will have a big change jar with a sign something like –“we need change for adjuncts’…

Welcome to Union

We will also have petitions to be signed and AFT giveaways along with some free goodies (candy and cookies) and possibly some basic food items for ‘starving’ adjuncts. We also plan to have a section of a table with an ‘ASK AN ADJUNCT’ sign for students to ask us about our working conditions.

We are still working on other things to do.

Bill Lipkin
Co-President UCC CHapter UAFNJ
Secretary/Treasurer- United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey
Treasurer- NFM and NFM Foundation


  1. Congratulations, Bill, on your first post ~ and welcome to The League of New Faculty Majority Bloggers... or whatever (we should let the anthropologist name us)

  2. Bill-Red! And obvious messages and "ask me's" - I really like this and will try to be in some way as bold on my various campuses. Vanessa-I like league-the only accurate anthro thing I think would be sodality, which is snooze-producing. I would like to see "horde" somewhere, as in "they're coming! Surrender"
    btw, am commenting "as" me, and as NFM member, and also via my blog, and mostly as increasingly impatient and angry adjunct in solidarity with any and all others of that ilk. Be loud, be proud. cheers, alan


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