Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whither U? "Charting the Future of Higher Education"

But who or what is Education Sector (self described as innovative and an "independent think tank")?  Siegfried Sassoon's definition of foxhunting (the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible) comes to mind.

YouTube clips from Education Sector's September 15, 2011, event, "Charting the Future of Higher Education"


 for this event include: Zakiya Smith, Senior Advisor for Education, White House Domestic Policy Council; A. Craig Powell, CEO, ConnectEDURobert W. Mendenhall, President, Western Governors UniversityKevin Carey, Policy Director, Education Sector; Paul Glastris, Editor, Washington Monthly (as moderator), with introductory remarks by  Jamie Merisotis, President, Lumina Foundation for Education.

This event will be videotaped and recordings will be available following the event.

Education Sector and Washington Monthly thank the Lumina Foundation for its support of this event.


Kevin Carey, Policy Director, Education Sector, talks about the outdated process ...

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