Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to save the traditional university

More homework, reading to get us up to speed for when the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education meets in Boston at UMass, November 4-6 ... and this isn't even the half of it.  Got questions for the Think Tank (Center for the Future... etc), ideas to add or items to suggest for the agenda? We'd like to hear them and promise to pass them on. Come too if you can. The better our turnout, the stronger our voice; and the stronger our voice, the harder ignore us and our issues.

From the Graduate Journal of Social Science, a special issue on Interdisciplinarity and the "New" University
Storm the Ivies, revolutionaries of North America — nationalize them into submission, kick away the American plutocracy’s favorite ladder and watch a thousand flowers bloom. 

From LRB, from Robbins to McKinsey: Stefan Collini on the dismantling of the universities.  From Arena, an article on the idea of the university, out of the shadow of the neo-liberal academy.... Clayton Christensen and Henry Eyring on how to save the traditional university, from the inside out.

While global elites continue their cynical assault on higher education unabated, the global student movement shows us that another world is possible .... 

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