Monday, August 1, 2011

Newsletter ToC

News from New Faculty Majority, the NFM bi-monthly newsletter went out to members this morning. Usually I wait until the next day to post here on the blog and sending contents winging out to connected social media. First in line for the newsletter is a membership perk. Later, back issues are archived on the blog. Consider this a less than subtle reminder to join. This time, you get the ToC in advance.

President's Message: Continuing to Move Forward
Maria Maisto's newsletter message recaps recent and upcoming notices, activities and projects: new health insurance initiative; nascent 501(c)3 NFM Foundation; grants from The Ford Foundation and the French American Charitable Trust; our January 28, 2012 "summit" on contingent academic employment in Washington DC; ongoing efforts encouraging faculty unions to include and support contingent/ adjunct faculty members; our participation in the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE) advocating faculty-led reform; CFHE's November 4-6 Boston meeting; Campus Equity Week 2011 (October 24-28). 
Campus Equity Week 2011, October 24-28, is a week-long, national campaign to highlight the problems associated with contingency and the lack of equity on campuses across the country. Start planning now for events on your campuses, and let us know of your plans so we can help publicize them.

  • News: NFM's Health Insurance Plan Launches
  • Feature: Meet the NFM Board: Betsy Smith 
  • NEW Feature: Organizing and Raising Awareness on Your Campus. Tracy Donhardt, NFM Board Member and newsletter editor introduces a new series of articles to help members who are thinking about becoming more active organizers on their campuses or are already active and want more ideas for awareness-raising initiatives. 
  • Present the Facts by Betsy Smith, NFM Board Member
  • Feature: Member Narratives (Tales from the Trenches): My Experience as an Adjunct: A Tale of 2 Faculties By Winifred Pallante
  • Feature: A Word from NFM's Treasurer by Bill Lipkin
  • ArticleHow the System Works: Follow Your School's Re-accreditation Process, Tracy Donhardt
  • Announcements:
  • Web content manager needed
  • Call for regional and member news 

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