Monday, May 16, 2011

Reminder: May 17 Future of HigherEd Launch

Elizabeth Hoffman, lecturer and CalFac member on the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education organizing committee posted the following reminder from a Contingent perspective about Tuesday's launch in DC and live streamed online across the country.

There is a Discussion Forum at the Future of Higher Education for you to discuss your comments, questions and concerns. You can also post them here or on the New Faculty Majority page on Facebook. Know of or involved with other "whither higher ed" campaigns? Please share them with us as well as your ideas for keeping adjunct faculty visible, issues front and center, in this one.

Just a reminder of the launch of the "Campaign for the Future of Higher Education" on Tuesday, May 17th. The event will be streamed live via the web from the National Press Club in Washington 1 p.m. (EDT).

 New Faculty Majority president Maria Maisto, various board members and other contingent leaders will be part of the faculty from around the country will be at the news conference in Washington and at live web cast watching parties at their local campuses, hopefully with local press who can talk with faculty and students about the impact of the defunding and the undermining of higher education in this country.

More information about how to watch or text in a question is available online. You can view the web cast from any computer. Watch with other adjuncts and invite friends to learn about the campaign. See the press release for a list of campuses across the country that are having "watching parties" of the web cast.

Learn more about the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, which began last January when more than 70 higher ed leaders from 21 states met in LA and developed seven principles campaign to ensure quality higher ed for the 21st Center, on the CalFac website. Contact the campaign by email at

Elizabeth Hoffman, Jonathan Karpf, and Leslie Bryan. Lecturers in the Cal State System

Originally posted to the Contingent Academics Mailing List, image added and links embedded

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