Saturday, April 2, 2011

Found on Craig's List: Work for Desperate Adjuncts:

Even if not a joke and quite plausible - expected even, 'tis a pity I didn't come across this post to an adjunct list in time for an April Fool's blog post yesterday, never done despite stellar material on College Misery (renamed College Ecstasy for the day). 

Intrigued by implications of "I can ace your online courses" (for a price)I wonder how business is and how s/he guards against getting stiffed. Perhaps the threat of exposure suffices and losing paid for (if not earned) credits. And more... 

How would workers in underground services like this organize? If sex workers organize, why not "student ringers" as well? What would their DoL job titles be? Although a LinkedIn group, as well as one of the online adjunct groups, insists on referring to adjuncts as "independent contractors," this is probably not what they have in mind, however inevitable an entrepreneurial outcome. Likewise, this can't be what all the non-teaching ed-wonks have in mind when they prattle on about retention, completion and productivity (without concomitant increase in compensation)

----- Forwarded Message ----

I was looking through the "Lessons" section on and found this advertisement. I was stunned. I can't imagine how many people have used this person's services. I wonder what other subjects have similar services available. 

"I can ace your online courses

Date: 2011-03-24, 10:12AM EDT

Reply to: 
serv-axpqk-22834910 10@craigslist. org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Do you need help with your online classes? I have a PhD degree and I can help. Leave it to me to do your online tests, quizzes, homework assignments. I can also take the course for you.

All levels of college math, statistics, and physics. Please send me the syllabus or assignments for a quote.

Your satisfaction and confidentiality are guaranteed. You pay through paypal AFTER work is done."

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