Monday, March 14, 2011

ICLR: an NGO that fights for labor

Hat tip to NFM Secretary Anne Wiegard for sharing 

this link... something to run with and build on.  so much more encouraging than the collective bargaining link and updates on spreading anti-union, anti-public service sector and especially teachers links I've been - pardon the the verb - collecting. I'll get back to them but for now, couldn't we all use a pick. We can use some heroes. Three cheers for the ICLR... cheer on as you read.

Assault on Collective Bargaining Illegal, Says International Labor Rights Group

The International Commission for Labor Rightsa New York-based nongovernmental organization that coordinates a pro bono network of labor lawyers and experts throughout the world. It investigates labor rights violations and issues reports and amicus briefs on issues of labor law is protesting Wisconsin's legislation.

Super heroes and crusaders with or without cape indeed. In their own write, they are, "Lawyers Around the World Fighting for Workers' Rights" ~ sure sounds like the Justice League to me.

The International Commission for Labor Rights, ICLR, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is based in New York, and coordinates the pro bono work of a global network of lawyers committed to advancing workers' rights through legal research, advocacy, cross-border collaboration, and the cutting-edge use of international and domestic legal mechanisms. On occasion, ICLR's legal network also responds to urgent appeals for independent reporting on gross labor rights violations.

The network was founded in 2001 at the request of more than 50 national trade unions and global federations, and the coordinating secretariat in New York was set up in 2005. The network aspires to be a resource for trade unions and workers around the world. If you are seeking assistance, please do consult the links and resources on this website before contacting us, to verify whether existing information available here might address your questions and concerns.

Here's the link to an
 article about their actionSounds like an organization we want to hear more from... more about them from the Centre for Globalization Research (Canada):  

The International Commission for Labor Rights (ICLR) sent a notice to the Wisconsin Legislature, explaining that its attempt to strip collective bargaining rights from public workers is illegal....The ICLR statement summarizes the development of this law from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, through the International Labor Organization's Conventions on Freedom of Association (that is, the right to form and join unions) and on Collective Bargaining. It cites court cases from the United States and around the world. All embrace freedom of association as a fundamental right and the right to collective bargaining as an essential element of freedom of association.  

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