Sunday, March 27, 2011

Defend Public Education Actions: Mar 31, April 4 & 5

From Defend Public Educuation, group: upcoming actions: March 31st, Day of Walkouts and Strikes; April 4th, nationally coordinated We Are One actions; April 5th, national and nationwide teach-ins. 

Adjuncts may feel more vulnerable to the effects of administrative displeasure. I'm already hearing accounts, even from the normally bold: intimidation; threats too veiled to act on even if the option were available, repressive policies blocking free expression. Students can't be de facto fired by not-rehiring. 

Still, please find a way to show your support, come up with a workaround: wear red; sport a jaunty We Are One button on your lapel, hat or tote; meet outside class; add a discreet signature line to your email; post a badge to your blog; use it for your Facebook profile picture April 4. 

Think lit too. UPR students and faculty staged a 100 Years of Solitude marathon: how cool is that! 

March 31st - Day of Walkouts and Strikes

March 31st is a national day of walkouts and strikes against the attacks on public education. For years, education has been on the back burner while the federal government has been spending millions on bailouts and wars. State governments have accepted the budget shortfalls and subsequent cuts as necessary. These shortfalls were created by years of massive tax breaks to the rich on the state and federal level and exacerbated by the current economic crisis. These cuts and spending on wars and bailouts created the budget shortfalls that are being exploited to attack public education. On March 31st, students will walk out of class to raise their collective voice and fight back against the massive budget cuts. Facebook

April 4th - We Are One Actions: Nationally Coordinated Local Actions

Unions are organizing series of local actions in solidarity with people in the Midwest who have been facing intense attacks on public workers and their democratic rights. The fight to democratize and defend public education and the fights of workers is the same fight. We call for students and activists to support and initiate a wide and creative variety of actions on April 4th.

Join us in solidarity with working people in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and dozens of other states. Local Actions / Facebook

April 5th - National Teach-In: National Webinar Teach-In on the budget cuts

TUESDAY, APRIL 5TH, 2011, 2:00 – 3:30 PM (EST), National Teach-in Live Streamed from New York City, coordinated with 3:30 – 5:00 PM (EST), Local Teach-ins and Strategy Discussions on participating campuses. "National Teach-in on Debt, Austerity and How People Are Fighting Back" will be held at the Judson Memorial Church in New York City, beginning at 2:00 PM EST. Admission is free. 

Speakers from schools and communities around the country will be hosted by moderators FRANCES FOX PIVEN and CORNEL WEST in New York City through a live web cast that you can join by organizing a teach-in on your own campus.

Website / Facebook


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