Friday, February 25, 2011

Wisconsin is everywhere

Reposted from Daily Kos newsletter: Nation wide rally this Saturday, organized by MoveOn; also supported and promoted by Student Activism, Jobs with Justice, Defend Public Education among others...

Walker roadmap
The epic fight put up by the protesters in Wisconsin has given us an opportunity. With so many people across the country inspired by the courage of the "cheddar rebellion," we now have a chance build a national movement for a new economy that actually works for everyone.
On Saturday at noon, led by unions and the netroots, an enormous coalition of progressive groups are co-sponsoring rallies in all 50 state capitols and many other large cities. The rallies are a show of solidarity with the fights for workers' rights in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere. Tens of thousands of people have already signed up, and you can join them by clicking here.
This is an existential fight for unions and the middle class, as Republicans push to make it illegal for workers to collectively negotiate wages and benefits with their employers. They want all workplaces to become dictatorships.
Not only can we beat back this attempt to strip workers of their rights, but the energy we are tapping can move the political center of gravity away from Wall Street's black hole. The time to start making this happen is on Saturday at noon, in a town near you.
Sign up to attend a rally, and be there for the birth of a new movement.
Chris Bowers, Campaign Director, Daily Kos
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