Saturday, February 26, 2011

Following WI and rallies in the other 49

CNN (better than nothing at all but not by much), overseas (Guardian, Reuters) services and local press are covering the rallies. Somehow it's no surprise that domestic main stream media coverage is less than comprehensive. The Michigan action has been getting less mainstream coverage than middling garden variety tea party stories and, with few exceptions, fails to address the deeper issues. All that means coverage and getting out information is on us, other issue stakeholders and grassroots citizen journalism. 

None of that kept the 50 state "American Dream" rallies organized by MoveOn and co-sponsoring organizations (list in formation), widely promoted on social media by grassroots efforts of progressive groups, unions, blogs and individuals from being a breakout success too huge to ignore. Expect to see msm gate crashers showing up late to the rally party

Copyright All rights reserved by moveon ~ more American Dream Rallies
San Francisco artist @jazzcattrio tweeted: "My God, @CNN - you won't cover the #WeAreWI rallies today across the country, but you are wishing the tea party a happy birthday?" and more in the same vein. Fortunately, no one had to depend on the media. Housebound or transport challenged and others unable to attend rallies could:

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