Thursday, February 17, 2011

TODAY: Statewide UW Walkout 12n

from the Defend Public Education forum  

From inside the capital, workers on the job supported the rally by displaying a sign of "SOLIDARITY!" through the window for protesters to see. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

University of Wisconsin State-wide Walkout Thursday:
Spread the word -  Students will walk out of all UW schools on Thursday at 12n CST in opposition to Governor Scott Walker's budget proposal that will break unions.

Wisconsin school walkouts,
Students all over Wisconsin have walked out and schools in Madison are being closed because of "excessive teacher absence," which looks to me like a strike.  The attack against collective bargaining, notice that police unions are exempt, is unprecedented but the response to this, which is part of the austerity measures happening across the country, is tremendous and we need to unleash this type of response nationally as the workers, students-- the community as a whole in Wisconsin has.

East High School students walk down East Washington Avenue Tuesday with police escort to protest Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to remove collective bargaining rights for most Wisconsin public employees. Photo Credit: Matt DeFour - Wisconsin State Journal

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  1. I am an academic activist. How effective are the walkouts.
    Do you have an objective?

  2. I would say the objective is for the total repeal of collective barganing abolishion. I certainly cannot see were collective bargaining will cause WI to become insolvent.
    The total walkout of every last teacher in the state until it's repeal is more than appropriate! Let him try to hire in 100,000 qualified teachers, for minimum wage, & no summer benefits.

  3. More generally, I'd add (and with apologies for forgetting to comment in a more timely manner as intended): to stop being invisible; become not just visible but impossible to ignore; demand a voice; etc. Need I go on?


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