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Resources: CEW research on Contingency

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This entry comes from the Higher Education page, Center for the Education of Women (CEW), University of Michigan. Although contingency is not explicitly or prescriptively gendered, the sector trends to higher % of women teaching service courses. Journal articles on the feminization of composition date back to the 80s and perhaps earlier. Some disciplines are more so than others.

Contingent Faculty

Non–tenure track faculty, whether called adjuncts, part-timers, research faculty, or contingent faculty now make up a significant portion of the faculty workforce. CEW research identifies and describes the work conditions and work lives of these faculty based on institution-level information.

Non-Tenure-Track Pathways: Inclusive Leadership for Instructional Faculty On Campus with Women v.39, no. 8 By Carol Hollenshead. This article explores opportunities for inclusive leadership for non-tenure-track faculty, based on CEW's research project "Contingent Faculty in a Tenure Track World.

Contingent Faculty in a Tenure Track World: Final Report, Report of 2008-09 study funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  Focus groups were held with non-tenure-track faculty in 12 U.S. research institutions.

"Satisfaction and Discontent: Voices of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty," By Inger Bergom and Jean Waltman. In On Campus With Women, vol 37, #3, 2009.

Making the Best of Both Worlds: Findings from a National Institution-Level Survey on Non-Tenure Track Faculty. 2007  Results of a nationwide survey of four year colleges and universities sponsored by the Sloan Foundation highlighting the numbers, working conditions and perceived contributions of non tenure track faculty. Includes a discussion of how institutions can integrate these faculty as vital members of their professional teams and a chart book of research findings.

Non Tenure Track Faculty: The Landscape at U.S. Institutions of Higher Education 2006. CEW presents preliminary findings and analyses based on our 2005 survey regarding institutional policies and practices concerning full and part time instructional faculty in non tenure track positions. The online survey asked administrators to provide information on non tenure track faculty at their institutions, including their utilization, their working conditions, benefits and compensation, and mobility between tenure track and non tenure track positions.

The Non Tenure Track Faculty Executive Summary. Includes key findings along with methodology and background. The full report, Non Tenure Track Faculty: The Landscape at U.S. Institutions of Higher Education; Includes the Executive Summary as well as tables and charts reporting analyses of the survey data.

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