Monday, December 27, 2010

MLA Initiative: The Academy in Hard Times

#MLA11 notes, from Teaching College English, blogged by Dr Susanna Davis
About initiative: With the academy facing one of the most difficult periods in its history, the MLA Program Committee has designated 6 January 2011, the first day of the Los Angeles convention, as a focal point for a series of panels and workshops on the theme The Academy in Hard Times. Program and schedule for initiative sessions.
Closing session, 167 at 7pm, speakers 
Christopher John Newfield, U
C Santa Barbara, and Gary Rhoades, 
AAUP, are also on the Counter-conference program. 

The second MLA special initiative is The Academy in Hard Times. Two colleagues and I have a panel in this section of the MLA, In Our Own Image: Remaking Academia in a Changing Economic Climate [scheduled for January 6, 5:15 pm at the LA Convention Center]

Position statements are available for this panel:
This panel, number 133, will be presenting on Thursday, January 6, at 5:15 in 406A of the LA Convention Center. Photograph from


  1. Session 133 is in room 404A, not 406A (that is session 150).

  2. just the messenger here - copy/pasted directly from post on Teaching College English. Link at top of post if you want to drop a line there.


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