Tuesday, December 7, 2010

EVO 2011: Call for Participation

EVO (Electronic Village Online) Workshops are 100% online; participation is global. Posted on behalf of EVO 2011 Coordinators: 

A Project of TESOL's  CALL Interest Section

Dear All,

The CALL Interest Section of the international TESOL professional association is pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in the Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2011 sessions. This is a professional development project and virtual extension of the TESOL 2011Convention in New Orleans. The intended audience for this project includes both TESOL 2011 participants and those who can participate only virtually.

You do not need to be a TESOL member to participate in a free, five-week, wholly online session of the EVO, January 10-February 13, 2011. Sessions are free and open to anyone around the globe. Bring your colleagues!
Please visit our Announcement Web page to select one among the various offerings.

Yours in TESOL,
EVO Coordination Team

Interested but unfamiliar or ill at ease with technology and uncertain where / how to start? Try "Becoming a Webhead," the introductory EVO workshop.

Webheads in Action is a nine-year-old community of practice of language teachers worldwide, coordinated by Vance Stevens. In the Becoming a Webhead workshop, which is an introduction to Webheads in Action, we explore Web communication tools and share the best ways of using them in our teaching practices, engage with students in virtual classes, collaborate in projects, and participate in conferences as audience and presenters. This collaboration takes place online, as we are all geographically apart. Would you like to join us?

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