Monday, November 1, 2010

Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change

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Lisa Fithian has been working for nonviolent social change since the mid 1970’s. A student, labor and community organizer on a broad range of issues over the years, she writes,
"I am so glad you found this website, Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change. It’s full of information, resources, photos, stories and more from past movements, campaigns and actions. I hope it will be useful to you as an organizer, student, activist, journalist or researcher.

This website is based on the notes I use for training. They reflect lessons from 35 years of organizing. I feel very privileged for all the opportunities I’ve had to learn. Weaving together work within and between the student, environmental, labor, immigrant, anti-war and global justice grassroots movements has made me a very wealthy woman (not financially unfortunately!).

These training notes are now divided up onto tabs corresponding to what I call the “building blocks” for change."

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