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Oct. 17th Global Day of Action for Education

Reposted from the Defend Education Announcement List, We're not involved but in my opinion should be aware and informed ~ even members who don't support involvement for whatever reason. You can subscribe to updates or join the Defend Education group / mailing list online at Defend Education (which also organized and sponsored March 4th and October 7th Actions that included / represented faculty and staff as well as students). Follow on Twitter by searching hashtags #globalEdu or #ondaGlobal


October 17th 2010 - Global Day of Action for Public Education!

Over the next few days, a series of actions will take place in some places in the US, and many more places throughout the globe. This crisis is being pushed onto the backs of working people in places all throughout the world. 

Students and workers in other countries have been fighting against the neoliberal austerity measures for months. Greece, France, Italy, the UK, and many more states have seen these types of protests. This fight is not one that we can win by ourselves, but one that we must fight with our brothers and sisters overseas, and a struggle that must be in solidarity.

Students at in California will be attempting to shut down the regents meeting where a proposed 20% fee increase. We call on everyone involved in this sturggle to express thier support for those who are taking action tomorrow. Today, several actions took places, including an action at UCSC and one at UC Berkeley. They are preparing for today's Regents meeting and deserve our support.

October 17th declared the Global day of Action for Education by the International Student Movement Platform will feature many of these countries taking part in actions together. Here in the US, there are a few places where actions will take place, and we will make sure people know about those and all the other actions that are part of the Global day. Read on for more information.
Understanding many people are gearing up for thanksgiving break, we call for people to participate in the day in whatever way they can. 

One World ~ One Struggle

November 17th 2010
"Global Day of Action"

November 17th marks the "International Students' Day". Details on the history behind that day check out wikipedia, International Union of Students and/or youtubeNovember 17th will also be a highlight of the "Global Wave of Action for Education", which kicked off on October 7th and already saw massive protests for free education in Austria, Italy, the Ukraine and U.S.A. among others.

The international "joint statement", which is the result of monthslong discussions, is the basis for united protests for that day, just like it is the basis for the "Global Wave" as a whole.

Display the "united symbol" to communicate internationally, that you understand your action as part of the "Global Wave." Here is a list of protests that have been announced in this context already:
  • Italy: Day of Action across the country called for by Rete della Conoscenza, Unione degli Studenti and LINK (facebook)
  • Monrovia, Liberia: Youth for Community Academic and Development Services (YoCADS), an NGO, is calling for a rally in Monrovia.
  • Lisbon, Portugal: the student body of Coimbra together with major students associations are calling for a demonstration in the capital Lisbon (,
  • Indonesia: PEMBEBASAN is currently planning actions for that day. Details to be announced soon.
  • Philippines: among others the League of Filipino Students (LFS) are currently preparing for walk-outs and a wave of strikes on campuses across the country. (
  • Hildesheim, Germany: the student parlament at the University of Hildesheim is calling for a demonstration ( Groups in other cities are still discussing what actions to take.
  • Bremen, Germany: flashmobs at main railway station and city centre on Nov.17th and a General Assembly on Nov.18th at the University of Bremen (, calendar)
  • Gießen, Germany: various groups, incl. the student representative body at the University of Gießen, are calling for a demonstration (
  • Osnabrück, Germany: pupils are mobilising for a demonstration (
  • Freiburg, Germany: "demonstration of jubilation": a sarcastic protest, celebrating the wonderful education system: leadership - fees - competition! (
  • Stuttgart, Germany: rally at the castle, Schlossplatz, with open mic (
  • Munich, Germany: rally in front of the Ludwig Maximilian University + general assembly (
  • Skopje, Rep. Macedonia: the independent student movement "Sloboden Indeks" will arrange an installment on campus to work against the established student unions (that represent government interests), have a flashmob and a party in the evening. (calendar)
  • Poland: Demokratyczne Zrzeszenie Studenckie is calling for flashmobs in at least eight cities across the country. (facebook)
  • Ottawa, Canada: smaller actions such as banner drops
  • California, U.S.A.: actions to prevent the regents meeting at the University of California through a mass statewide demonstration among others (
  • Patiala, India: the Punjab Student Union is organising a rally as part of the "Global Day of Action"
E-mail details to if you want to see your action included on their page 

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