Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Editing Update & Call for Submissions

Jeanette JeneaultSyracuse University, writes...

I've been planning on sending out a notice about sections and deadlines for the anthology tentatively titled Contingent Faculty Researching Contingent Faculty. We have collected about 10 abstracts ~ and have not forgotten any of you. 

To date, there are sections on: 
  • Academic Freedom
  • Women and Contingency
  • Evaluation Practices
  • Online Teaching Related Issues
  • Alternatives to Tenure
Each section containing chapters and offers poetry, photographs, and personal stories to intermix ~ good lead offs to sections. Marc Bousquet has offered to write a forward, and Marcia Neufield to be my co-editor. 

Any who still want to contribute or edit, just send me a quick note. Submission schedule:
  • Proposal already submitted: first drafts, January 15, 2010
  • Not submitted? Last chance for proposals / abstracts is January 15,2010
  • Second drafts, March 15, 2010
  • Final drafts, June 15, 2010
It is not too late to join the Contingent Faculty Researching Contingent Faculty project. Sections can be added depending on interest and submissions. I would like to add one on working conditions or something similar. Also let me know if you have changes your topic or abstract.

October was extremely busy for me, but I will have more time especially in December and January to devote to this. Also, we have been offered help finding a publisher, and of course, all proceeds will go to The New Faculty Majority.

This book will be a labor of love...and a stand of truth.

Please join us ~ Jeanette Jeneault, email jjeneaul@gmail.comSyracuse University

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