Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reclaiming the University: video & so much more

The Community College Summit is over, and yes, follow-up + comments, commentary, response statements, links, transcripts (if available) are on the blogging agenda. However, today, the day after the Summit, overrepresented by administration, pols and corporate interests but underrepresented by faculty, is Oct 6, the day before tomorrow... and

Tomorrow is Oct 7th, the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education. So it's back to U... and defending it. Students and faculty working together... Admin, for-profit mouthpieces and corporate reps will be conspicuous by their absence.

From the U Minn faculty blog FERPE (Faculty for the Renewal of Public Education) post, Reclaiming the University video:
"Did you miss the FRPE/EAC event, "Reclaiming the University: Fulfilling Our Promise to Students and the Public," on September 30? Luckily, a student volunteered to videotape the event and has posted the files on the web, both as a streaming video and as a direct download."
While you are there, put FERPE on your rss reader and don't overlook their Reclaim the U! statement of purpose in the sidebar to the right of the main message area.

Now back to October 7th, Bob Samuels a posts for the occasion, "October 7th: Get Out The Vote And Support Higher Education" today ("say no to privatization and yes to public education"). I 
"On October 7th, people throughout the country will be demonstrating to support public education. This date also marks one of the last days people can register to vote for the November election, and so many groups are calling for joint activities to support officials who will defend public education."

FERPE will be out tomorrow. So will others from "sea to shining sea," from California to New York State. What about you?

Check out the October 7th twitter page at Post your action updates to twitter and use any of the following tags to have your post syndicated on the national website: #oct7, #oct7th, #october7th, #pubed. (@NewFacMajority has been using#Oct7 but will now add others)

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