Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7th Action, Press Release

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On Thursday, October 7th, students and workers will participate in the second National Day of Action to Defend Public Education. This is part of a growing movement coming out of California last fall, and on the back of March 4th, the first national day of action for public education. As students are returning to classes for the beginning of another tumultuous school year expected to be wrought with more massive cuts, it is clear to many that the struggle to defend public education has only begun.

Students at the University of New Orleans (UNO) took action on September 1st to call into question the policies of the university. On September 24th, students at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign shutdown a Board of Trustees meeting after the trustees refused to answer the questions regarding minority under-representation and the proposal that the UI system adopt a tuition freeze. On October 7th, students throughout the country will follow the lead of these students and take action to defend public education. They will be joined in international solidarity by students from outside the United States.

Students are also joined by teachers and communities throughout the US. The American Association of University Professors (AAUP), a higher education faculty union, has encouraged their members to join in actions October 7th and distributed to their membership a list of several different actions over the past week as part of "Higher Education is a Public Good" week.

Students are also faced with massive program cuts and racist attacks on Ethnic Studies programs. Organizers throughout the country conducted a week of actions since October 1st, culminating with unified actions for public education and ethnic studies on October 7th.

As public funds that once made the US the best education system in the world disappear, private investors seek deform public education for their purposes, adjusting education to meet the market. The private sector wants to take over education and leave working people with nothing but a shell of the public education system, profiting along the way.
This is not changing – we must take action to make change. The October 7th National Ad-Hoc Organizing Committee to Defend Public Education calls on students, teachers, youth, faculty, staff, workers, and parents to participate in October 7th – the National Day of Actions and Strikes to Defend Public Education, and call for an end to the privatization of education.

Links and Contacts:

East Coast 

    • Midwest, South, Maine): Marie Follytar,, 1 207.899.9498
    • New York: Larry Hales, 720-979-9491
    • Washington DC: Linsay McCluskey, 508-446-6133; Hayden Smith,, 703 489 5401
    • University of Minnesota: Stephanie Taylor, 605.261.9178 or Tracy Molm 612.432.4766
    • Ohio State - Will Klatt,, 614-915-8896
    • University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign: Ben Rothschild, 847-363-6317,
    • University of Oklahoma: Matthew Bruenig, 817-437-1223
    • Tahereh – Georgia: 678-755-3686

West Coast

    • Eric Gardner, UCLA:, 919-218-4446
    • Debora Santos, LA:, 619-201-2334
    • Crystal Sudano – San Diego,, 619-922-2355

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