Sunday, October 24, 2010

BYOP: Part-time Faculty Working Conditions

This is neither the 1st time I've recommended xtranormal, a neat DIY text-to-video app, nor the 1st amateur-auteur xtranormal video blogged here. Back in May, I posted an extranormal video about a student-asking-teacher-for-extension exchange along with an exhortation to consider the application as a tool for advocacy.

The clip below is, however, the 1st by a New Faculty Majority member, VP Matt William's debut as video auteur. En garde, Cahiers du Cinéma

Nice to know at least one someone isn't clueless. Thanks, Matt. Now, the rest of you, board members (even if the effort is neither juried nor cv-able), other NFM members, any adjunct with a message to get out: get to it. Make a video. Send me your embed codes. Upload them to YouTube too. Let's flood the internet with clever, to the point videos. Free too. A price even an adjunct can afford.

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