Friday, September 10, 2010

productivity & procrastination

Both come in sundry shapes and disguises. Obsessing over productivity may be a form of procrastination, so is writing about them but not as much as research surfing and thinking about writing about them. Making lists: productivity, procrastination, productive procrastination? I did finally get around to checking and resetting Twitterfeed to auto-post @NewFacMajority to our Facebook page. Hope it works ~ no telling when I'll get back to it again if it doesn't. Sometimes I contemplate the lineaments of a perpetual motion auto-posting system.

This from College Misery (snarky fun, procrastination but surely an antidote for something)

More fun than productivity tips, right? But here's from today's do list just to demonstrate my good intentions... and procrastinate
  • take down issue #2 of newsletter ("Newsletter#2 in header menu) and replace with issue #3 or add another tab for #3
  • NFM board & projects update if I can figure out what is cleared for public consumption and what not ~ then at least tantalize with hints, inundate with innuendo.
  • links post (thus wiping up a bunch of "blog-about-this" links from aforementioned to-do list)
  • irresistible eye candy from David Ruccio's links & commentary
  • adjunct blogs - recommendations, annotated - unless I can fit them on the links post
  • ditto omnivore's latest on higher ed, Bonfire of the Universities
  • academic activist exhortations / updates du jour (aka soapbox category, Cyber Hyde Park perhaps)
  • then there are still all those social media productivity tips. Maybe they will help you more than they do me
and remember Tom Geoghegan's advice, "Pick up a skill other than learning how to submit."

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