Tuesday, September 21, 2010

COCAL IX on the radio

Mainstream media coverage of COCAL IX was less than comprehensive. However, Montreal CKUT's Labor Radio program covered COCAL IX on FM 90.3. Audio files for the program are available, archived on the internet. 

Go to http://www.ckut.ca and click on Programming and Archives. When a a screen pops up with a weekly schedule; click on the icon in the Thursday 17-18:00 hour. On the next screen, click on the icon of September 16. 

This broadcast features Karen Hawley, Gabreil Nadeau, Maria Teresa Luchega, Sheila Tully, Helen Worthen, Ann Wiegard, Joe Berry. August 19 features Vince Tirelli and Cindy Oliver. September 14th, David Robinson and Sandra Schroeder. September 6, Puma Freytag and Jean Trudelle. Others to follow... maybe even Jack and Longmate and Frank Cosco presenting Program for Change (now morphed into a Vision) and NFM discussion of same.

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