Friday, September 10, 2010

AAUP Conference Shared Governance

Registration is now open for the AAUP Shared Governance Conference and Workshops. This special event will take place November 12–14, 2010, at Washington's stylish Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, home to Art and Soul, one of DC's best new restaurants.

The conference will feature three days of presentations exploring important aspects of college and university governance, an opportunity to network with governance leaders from across the country, plus expert-led training workshops for governance leaders and those aspiring to positions of leadership.

Professor Judith Areen, interim dean and Paul Regis Dean Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, will deliver the keynote Neil Rapport Lecture.

This will be a unique opportunity to learn about best practices in faculty governance. Hear experts' advice about empowering faculty and developing an effective faculty voice on your campus on matters of concern to you.

Training Workshops
Join colleagues in the nation's capital for a series of practical, expert-led workshops designed to help faculty governance leaders improve the effectiveness of senates and other governance bodies. Workshops will focus on:

  • Making faculty governance bodies effective 
  • Developing the faculty voice in budget and long-range planning
  • Countering the threat to academic freedom and shared governance posed by the Supreme Court's decision in Garcetti v. Ceballos
  • Improving communication between faculty governance bodies and boards of trustees
  • Evaluating faculty handbooks and incorporating AAUP principles into them
  • Developing relationships between faculty senates and AAUP chapters
  • Including contingent faculty in governance
  • Providing meaningful input into the selection and evaluation of administrators
Speakers from across the country will present their perspectives on issues of shared governance. Among the accepted presentation topics are:

  • The role of the faculty senate in budget planning
  • Renewing faculty and administrative collaboration in challenging times
  • The impact of faculty participation in university decision making
  • Strategic management as an opportunity
  • Confidence votes
  • Shared governance and cultural diversity
  • Challenges facing shared governance with the establishment of a faculty union
  • Effective faculty governance at liberal arts colleges and universities
  • Faculty governance of intercollegiate athletics
  • When a university sues a student for libel
  • Challenges to governance posed by demands for accountability
Register now or learn more.
Larry Gerber, Emeritus Professor of History, Auburn University
Chair, AAUP Committee on College and University Governance

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