Saturday, August 7, 2010

Defining 'Adjunct'

The OAH, Organization of American Historians, Committee on Part-Time and Adjunct Employment is currently attempting to revise its 2003 standards by which adjunct faculty should be treated. 

This attempt will try to bring the guidelines into closer agreement with the February 2010 CAW guidelines. To that end it is important to define the term 'adjunct'. There is no agreement on what conditions constitute adjunct employment.  Non-tenure track, P/T, F/T, contingent, affiliate, instructor, lecturer, even, apparently, graduate teaching assistants: all these terms apply but often assume differing meanings.

What term is used where you teach and what type faculty does it cover? I would appreciate as many contributions and descriptions as possible. I will also be happy -- in this case -- to post your response anonymously, if you desire.

Thanks, Howard Smead, Editor, H-Adjunct

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