Monday, August 16, 2010

COCAL & Program

So far e-published COCAL updates include a brief report (in French) from a French Canadian news outlet and Jennifer Epstein's IHE article, "Visions of Adjunct Tenure," which has already garnered a number of comments with no doubt more comments, blog posts and articles to come.
Québec - La COCAL s'inquiète de la hausse des frais de scolarité
Puma Freytag, Marie Blais, Mary Ellen Goddwin, Maria Treresa Lechuga. 

© Agence QMI

Jack Longmate reports on the our Program for Change session... 
The Saturday NFM session at COCAL IX went well and was well attended -- estimating around 30 people, a significant number considering that the was competing with 5 other concurrent workshop sessions. Peter Brown and Ross Borden were in the audience, with Peter taking pictures at a few points. NFM advisory board members present included Joe Berry and Rich Moser. Others attending included David Rives, president of AFT Oregon; Mary Ellen Goodwin, one of the leading COCAL organizers over the last decade; Jonathan Karpf; Holly Clarke and Shirley Rausher from the CUNY system (who volunteered input and comments); Don Eron from Colorado; Betsy Smith of Cape Cod CC; and others. 
Input on the Program for Change was positive and in one case, inspired the sale of 5 NFM bumper stickers. Frank Cosco's presentation was especially clear, as were his responses to points brought up during the discussion. Ross made an especially eloquent statement of support. 
The UI session went well also.  Helena Wortham asked if my slides could be posted somewhere, and Joe Berry suggested on the NFM website.

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