Monday, July 12, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water again

Jaws! Chancellor and Provost Jaws of EWU, that is. 
First they mass fire adjuncts (or not  rehire or abrogate summer contracts ~ same diff. You're still out on the curb with no work no money and a hole in your pocket. What's next? File a legitimate claim for unemployment compensation. Guess what? Here come the Jaws twins, swimming in circles around the water treading adjuncts blocking claims. 

United Adjuncts write for our support and help, 

Dear Colleagues,
Just when you think Chancellor Khan and Provost Jain would want less negative publicity of their arbitrary-discriminatory labor practices and fear-mongering treatment of adjunct faculty, they continue to fight against the adjunct faculty. Currently, Khan and Jain are working to deny/prolong adjuncts' UC claims. 

Many union supporting adjuncts were told not to come back in the fall. Those with summer class assignments lost them to scabs, adjuncts newly hired in their place. Both groups are imminently eligible for unemployment but meeting fierce opposition from Khan and Jain. The Unemployment office and EWU will have a conference call with unemployed adjuncts before claims are received. 

EWU maintains that unemployed adjuncts are still part of personnel, so therefore, they are employees. 

Is this a set up to deny UC? "You betcha," as Sarah Palin would say. This email is being copied to others outside of EWU who have experience with getting through administrative schemes aimed at denying UC. How best can EWU adjuncts fight to get their UC? The battle at EWU is financially difficult for adjuncts to say the least. We need help rnow! 
The United Adjunct Faculty Association (UAFA) at EWU members will not be deterred. We are doing the right thing in organizing.
EWU adjuncts need union representation. Adjuncts who have worked for EWU since the late 1980s and onward have no job security or protection. Firing all adjuncts to be rehired at the personal discretion of the chancellor and provost right when UAFA was set to vote for union representation is ethically and fundamentally wrong! It flouts our nation's hard won and longstanding labor laws in both letter and spirit.

Make no mistake, EWU adjuncts' fight is a fight that will have nationwide precedence. We will see you at the picket demonstration on Tuesday, July 13th 11-1PM at 816 S. Michigan.

In Solidarity, UAFA

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