Monday, June 21, 2010

UAFA Statement of Protest

June 21, 2010, submitted by EWU Adjuncts, 

The United Adjunct Faculty Association (UAFA) at East-West University (EWU) and its former adjunct faculty publicly express its protest at the ongoing discriminatory practices of Dr. M. Wasiullah, the University Chancellor, and Dr. Madhu Jain, the Provost, with regards to the revocation of course assignments of the following former adjunct faculty: Ms. Erma Faire-Doeing, Mr. Tanue Johnson, Mr. Curtis Keyes, Mr. Kenneth Peterson and other adjunct faculty who have been recently dismissed. UAFA appeals to the administration for their immediate reinstatement. Each has served students and the university in countless valuable ways. Each has consistently demonstrated unyielding dedication and commitment to the students and to the

The woefully unfair and alarming manner in which each of the former adjunct faculty members was dismissed without any explanation or even a thank you only serves to raise more pressing questions about the Chancellor's and Provost's underlying motivation. The removal of adjunct faculty in this fashion feeds the interest of local, state and national press in addition to the most important population at the university, the students. UAFA is quite certain that students' parents,
alumni and the University Board of Trustees would not want to see the institution shrouded in a public fight which could tarnish prospective students' views about attending EWU.

What could be the reason for the ongoing practices by the Chancellor and Provost? Could it be related to the recent effort by UAFA to form a labor union at EWU? The facts show that several adjunct faculty members were notified by their Department Chairperson that their summer class assignments had been revoked on the afternoon of June 9, 2010, the very day UAFA withdrew its petition with the National Labor Relations Board for collective bargaining. UAFA members have not had one single pay increase in over 6 years!

UAFA calls on full-time faculty members to take a public stand and voice support for the reinstatement of former adjunct faculty members whose commitment to students is undeniable. Frankly, this public protest is quite painful, but it is necessary if the university is to move forward in its accreditation, building construction and treatment of its current adjunct faculty. UAFA and former adjunct faculty are aggrieved by the recent chain of events. We hope this crisis can be resolved without another public protest which will include the mobilization of students, parents, alumni, supportive colleagues from across the city of Chicago and the media. Our protest comes with the core belief that East-West University can fulfill its mission of treating its students and adjunct faculty in particular with fairness and nondiscriminatory practices. UAFA members with assigned classes wish to remain anonymous due to the very vulnerable status they occupy at the university. It is our hope that the Chancellor and Provost will embrace justice.

UAFA and former Adjunct Faculty


  1. Hang in there! It is happening all over. The response from the administration seems to be a nip it in the bud, but if we stand together, we will prevail. I do think they are getting very worried.
    My summer class was cancelled too!

  2. Agreed - I'm sure that's why Keith Hoeller refers to it as a watershed event. Let them nip now, and the next bite will be bigger. Pac Man anyone?

    NFM's Chicago board member Jen Bills was at this morning's protest and will be reporting further, writing it for the NFM newsletter. I've asked her to please send me something sooner for the blog.

    I'd like to post updates on summer cancellations and related happenings at other institutions.

    PS have you filed for unemployment?


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