Friday, June 4, 2010

CMU adjuncts threatened with arrest!

We've been following the ups and downs of Michigan adcon organizing and writing CMU President Ross so often we ought to be on a first name basis with George. As far as we, he hasn't budged on not-rehiring long time lecturer and union organizer Kristin Herald. Now he's threatening to arrest adjuncts.

Raye Robertson over at The Adjunct Voice sent us a heads up ~

 "You might have seen the news from AFT already, but if not, here's an alarming post regarding adjuncts there being threatened with arrest for their unionizing efforts. Spreading the word, sending postcards, letters, emails to their administration would, I'm sure, be appreciated. UPTF (Wayne State) will be highlighting CMU's situation at the Adjuncts United march to the U.S. Social Forum on June 22, too. More info will be forthcoming soon about that! Here's AFTFACE on CMU"

A call to write seems in order. Who in admin should we be writing? President, others in CMU admin, state board of regents, anyone and everyone we can think of? Write the Union of Teaching Faculty to show your supportWho else can you think of? Is local press covering this? College press? Letters to editors?
Dr. George E. Ross, President
Central Michigan University 
Warriner Hall 106
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859 

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