Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adjuncts on the march

 .... at #USSF 2010
Front of the crowd at #ussf 2010 opening march on Twitpic

Above ~ front of the crowd at Opening Day March, Twitpic. Coming soon: more USSF 2010 pictures on Flickr

Wayne State (UPTF), Chicago COCAL and other adjuncts are somewhere in the marching crowd at the US Social Forum Opening Day March. 

Raye Robertson (The Adjunct Voice) and NFM board member Jen Bills are in there too. Are you? Let us know. Tell us about it. 

Not there? Follow the Forum with streaming video on the web, on the radio (Amy Goodman + Democracy Now ~ broadcasting from Detroit) and on Twitter ~ both at @USSF and by searching the #USSF hashtag


  1. Thanks - will the newsletter have a report on adjuncts at the Forum? When will the next one be out? I waited for one last month.

  2. hi Anon ~ please excuse my not answering sooner. I'm looking into newsletter status and will get back to you as soon as I know more.


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