Monday, May 24, 2010

NFM Alert: Unemployment Compensation Initiative

May 24, 2010, NFM President Maria Maisto writes:

Dear NFM Member,

I’m sure this is a very busy time of year for you, as it is for us here at 
NFM. There are just a few items that I would like to bring to your immediate attention:

1. Today NFM is launching its 
Unemployment Compensation Initiative with the debut of its web site at  This initiative will provide adjunct and contingent faculty in all 50 states the information they need to apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI). In addition to providing practical assistance, this effort is the beginning of a data collection and public education effort.  

Even if you don't qualify for or need UI, we encourage you to spread the news of the initiative. A press release has been distributed nationally and will be posted here separately. If you know of a local newspaper, reporter or news outlet that should receive a copy of our news release, please advise Matt Williams, NFM's VP and Communications Committee Chair, at

2. We are grateful that all three faculty unions are supporting this initiative. 
 If you are a union member, please urge your local to link to the initiative web site and to continue supporting NFM's activities with financial and in-kind assistance.

3. If you have any 
personal experience with Unemployment Insurance that you would like to share with us for an upcoming Newsletter, please send it to our newsletter co-editors, Ross Borden,, or Tracy Donhardt,

4. As always, please check in at our main web site ( for news, updates, or to volunteer for any of our ongoing activities.

Best wishes,
Maria Maisto
New Faculty Majority

Ed note: re #4 above ~ please don't overlook NFM's social media array: this blog, @NewFacMajority on Twitter or New Faculty Majority on Facebook. Don't worry about having to remember to visit either. Subscribe: we'll come to you

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