Saturday, May 22, 2010

in our own write: word•river review and others

Have you seen word•river review, a juried literary journal for adjuncts only, published yearly. Submissions are accepted year round, final deadline: October 31, 2010. Issues 1 & 2, Spring 2009 & 2010, can be ordered online.


We define adjunct instructors as anyone teaching part-time or full-time under a semester or yearly contract, nationwide and in any discipline. Graduate students teaching under part-time contracts during the summer or who have used up their teaching assistant time and are teaching with adjunct contracts for the remainder of their graduate program also are eligible.

This morning, looking for something else (isn't that always the case?), I came across a 2001 adjunct ezine, Part Time Post. From Editor Abby Lynn Bogomolny's dedication:

Will conditions change if enough people become aware of the great disservice being done to students, our colleges, and contingent-academics workers? Will a fruitful triad of actions-litigation, local negotiation and lobbying of state representatives-tip the balance to remedy the conditions? We know the human impact of present policies.

Now, do we laugh or do we cry? Abby Lynn Bogomolny, wherever you are: yes, we think so too. We're still working on it. Our written landscape continues to expand: adjunct blogs (not all are just for advocacy. organizing), online publications like Adjunct Nation and (often juried) group blogs with the non-tenured sharing masthead space with the tenured. 

Among them:

Sage to Meadow

Jack Matthews writes, 

Sage to Meadow is my ecological reflection about living with the land and people of the American Southwest. It encompasses historical narratives of the past and immediate present. The most important element in this blog is nature. The second most important element is humanity's presence in nature. The dynamic between the individual and nature is my focus.

Wordsanctuary and Wordsanctuary RevisitedMaria Shine Stewart's two blogs. Surely. you've seen her her Adjunct ABC's / abcedarium renderings on the Contingent Faculty Email List, in Bosquet's Brainstorm column, or on Raye Robertson's The Adjunct Voice

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