Saturday, April 17, 2010

Newsletter ToC

OK, make that two from Column A. Here is the Table of Contents. More release information with appear as it becomes available. I've asked questions about delivery etc and will share the answers with you as they arrive.  

Are you ready for a relevant humor break?

Gary Trudeau on adjunct hiring at Walden U, Sept 9-14, 1996

ToC (subject to change)
  • President's Welcome message - Maria Maisto
  • Highlights of first year's activities - Peter G. Brown
  • NFM opens National HQ in Akron OH and establishes first chapter - Matt Willaims
  • Report of first NFM Executive Committee meeting in Akron, March 13-14 - Anne Wiegard
  • Call for Volunteers - Peter G. Brown
  • NFM and the 21010 TESOL Convention - Jack Longmate
  • 2010 Budget and donating to NFM - Bill Lipkin
  • National Campaign for Unemployment Insurance - Maria Maisto
  • Amendment to By-Laws - Ross Borden
  • Faith-based Initiative - Yvonne Bruce
  • Successful Vancouver Model - Frank Fosco
  • How to Form a Chapter - Ross Borden

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