Tuesday, April 27, 2010

News(letter Issue 1) from New Faculty Majority

If you aren't a New Faculty Majority member or haven't received your copy yet, the 1st issue of the NFM newsletter is available online. Future issues are scheduled for monthly publication, articles already being assembled for issue #2. Please forward and share the newsletter widely. 

We're targeting early May (I'd like to say May Day! but don't want to jinx it) to roll out (softly) our Unemployment Insurance Initiative ("take the initiative" ~ "file for your rights"). 

Obviously, Unemployment benefits for adjunct faculty and contingent academic labor will be a major focus in May issue ~ but not the only one. Other May newsletter topics include (but are not limited to) articles on how to form chapters and steps in planning a health care initiative for NFM members. 

You're invited - indeed strongly encouraged - to recommend topics, ideas for future features and to inquire about submitting articles for future issues. 

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