Thursday, March 4, 2010

Townson U, AAUP, March 4

Sorry to be so slow off the mark ~ and then this post left in drafts instead of posted ~ when there is so much going on. Inconvenient time for what ran me down and laid me low

These turned up on my feed reader: 1 academic, 1 Baltimore local, 1 national (WaPo), two Black press bloggers ~ waiting to see if Black Commentator will run something. Also what the lifespan will be.

TOWSON U ~ adjunct fired for racial slur
Thanks for the AAUP information, including a March 4 endorsement. The newsletter does not have an rss feed. I created one to let me know when the archive updates. I subscribed to several AAUP feeds but they are not very active. Good material on their main page too, well worth spreading the word, reblogging in a post of its own. 

March 4 ~ so much in feed reader, bookmarks & mbx, I'm drowning in it. Tomorrow, I'll try to sort out a list of top 10 or so sources for you. I doubt many, if any, will be main stream media (with the possible exception of SFGate).

Go to to view a map of EVERY action taking place NATIONWIDE! Credit: @studentactivism (great website too)

Next up: a few good sources on March 4 actions ~ and I don't necessarily mean mainstream. In case you haven't noticed, they were the last ones to jump on the band wagon.

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