Monday, February 8, 2010

CAW Brief, "One Faculty Serving All Students"

Both CHE and IHE have published their reports on and reactions to CAW Brief, "One Faculty Serving All Students": it's too early yet for responses on the COCAL sponsored adj-l list where a link to brief has already been posted. In order to follow reactions, I "starred" (new tool) the IHE story (only one showing up on search so far) for a news alert to aggregate single story media coverage.

Coalition on the Academic Workforce brief, "One Faculty Serving All Students" ~

In "Principles for 'One Faculty'" from Inside Higher Ed: "Coalition of academic groups issues standards for how colleges should treat those off the tenure track. AAUP declines to join statement."

(Personally, I'd be more impressed with the coalition's brief as an "extraordinary accomplishment' if it were more representative of the academic landscape outside the humanities.)

From The Chronicle's "Coalition Seeks Better Conditions for Those Off the Tenure Track": 

The key to securing better workplace conditions for the growing number of full- and part-time faculty members who are not on the tenure track lies in setting standards for how all faculty members should be treated, according to a document released by the Coalition on the Academic Workforce.

The coalition, whose members include disciplinary associations and other faculty groups, calls on colleges in its issue brief to give contingent faculty members better pay. (cited from

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