Monday, February 15, 2010

Call for Adjunct Blogs

I'm collecting URLs for a new sidebar feature here: a blogroll of adjunct blogs. Quite a few new adjunct blogs have been cropping up lately. Some are primarily about adjunct issues. Others blog individual personal interests. Many mix personal; professional (discipline) and career (adjunct issues). Plus there are a number of new "state of the profession" academic blogs that cover adjunct issues ~ perhaps enough for a separate feature.

Do you have or know of an adjunct blog? Please share by posting annotated links in comments ~ and so I can add them to the blogroll.

Did you see or participate in "My blog fights climate change"? I did. The proliferation of adjunct blogs leads me think about a blog-based "My blog supports equity in academic employment" campaign based on the same concept. Who's up for designing a cool badge?

 Then there are Blog Carnivals.... you'll have to excuse me. I grew up in South Louisiana and have Mardi Gras on the mind this time of the year. Here it's networking, organizing, strength in numbers. Admittedly, who would object to a little Bakhtinian topsy-turvy ~ mocking institutions and upending authority?

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  1. I'm an adjunct who is blogging about academic productivity, learning to be a good teacher and finishing my dissertation (or rather lack of progress on finishing my dissertation).

  2. Rebecca ~ thanks for the link. I'm thinking about calling the feature "The Visible Adjunct" ~ homage to the Invisible Adjunct

  3. Here's one for online adjuncts


    There's clearly not much activity on this blog, but that's the point -- please join and participate!

  5. @VirtualProf ~ you read my mind: I was just thinking about not overlooking online. btw it was already on my rss reader.

    @anon from up north ~ thnx too, I'm in NM but look for me to check in addition to getting word out

  6. I'm an adjunct blogger. Here's my wordy link:

  7. Thnx ~ I think we just crossed paths at Annie Em's ~ and so the networking begins...

  8. Our new blog -The University of Venus -covers current issues within the global crisis in higher ed and increased adjunct labor is one of them. We are an editorial collective of GenX women in higher ed institutions across the globe. You can find us at

  9. Thanks Mary ~ adding to bookmarks and my feed reader too. The NFM board needs to read Cathy Eisenhower's piece and the entire "Canaries in the Coal Mine" series

  10. I've put all these on my google reader. Nice to find more adjunct blogs. I hope more people will list there here! Thanks for this, Vanessa!


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