Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year: philosophy & other advice for #adjunct faculty

Break is almost over but today is still a holiday even if my New Year's Eve was quiet and sober. MLA09 was well covered by tweet, not just mine.  Summing up tweet (MLA 09 in under 140) and the entire #MLA09 archive, a cast of thousands: download from site or subscribe to feed.

I've been diligently collating more materials than I can possibly use ~ but will somehow try. In the meantime, here's a little something to help you be more philosophical about what's facing us in 2010. Enjoy...

More to enjoy. I discovered a blogging soul mate at I Used to Be Disgusted But Now I Try to Be Amused, self-described as "a low-level academic who likes to vent his spleen a little too much." Inspired, insightful snark, and we like the same books and movies. Granted, I'm not much on basketball but there's always beer.
Techie notes: I set up sync apps to auto-post links to blog posts to both @NewFacMajority on Twitter and the New Faculty Majority Coalition Facebook Page in case you prefer getting your updates and following us via either of those popular social media.  

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