Friday, January 8, 2010

AHA 09 and the Townsend Report

MLA 09 and the report on the dismal job market in the humanities were the big buzz ~ or gut punch. This week it's the AHA's Townsend Report on that profession's dismal job market and the annual AHA Conference.

Winter break seems to have slowed down the California flow somewhat. Soon enough California and other states joining it in the higher ed meltdown race ~ New York seems the likeliest contender ~ will be back front and center, flanked by stories of record enrollments at community colleges and online for-profits. 

I started out collecting "adjuncts in the blogosphere" links for an Adjunct (or Academic) Labor Blogroll to grace our sidebar. On seeing how many of the "adjunct faculty" news alerts are AHA related, I decided to post just about that before turning my attention back to adjunct blogs (and thoughts of adapting the 350 Blogging Challenge to adjunct or whatever we call ourselves issues ~ the last being yet another topic, but not today.

In the meantime, here's more on the AHA report and reactions to it:

The American History Association's Townsend report, "Troubling News on the Job Market for History PhDs"

And reverberations through the academic blogosphere:
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