Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unusual Christmas Trees ...

... and each tree in its own way so appropriate to either our cause or our profession ...

The Upside Down Tree

The upside of this upside-down 7-foot pre-lit Christmas tree is that you'll have more room for presents underneath! This strange tree from Hammacher Schlemmer was originally designed for specialty stores to display ornaments while using as little floor space as possible.

Upside down as appropriate to our cause because isn't it totally upside and wrong side out for the teaching majority to be in the state it's in?

The Shelf Tree

Don't want to bother with shedding pine needles or the hassle of putting together an artificial Christmas tree? You can make one out of books and magazines like this Shelf Tree by Frank Visser of IJM [Flash] instead.  A perfect choice for the adjunct rich in books and education but little else.

More at Neatorama's world's most unusual Christmas trees...

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