Thursday, December 10, 2009

Organizing: the Arts and Sciences, Rich Moser

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Organizing, yes, but for what? Richard Moser presents an intriguing summary of the current state of work and unionism in the U.S.. He argues that unions have tended towards an organizational culture which is resistant to change and unaccustomed to democracy. He traces the evolution of this process, mapping it against changes in work and society. Unions must develop a culture of organizing if they are to renew their influence and reconnect with their members. He then presents some recommendations on organizing, exploring the contradictory but creative tensions that animate union activity. These are the challenges faced by those who want to put the movement back into labor.


Organizing and the Fate of the US Labor Movement
It’s all about organizing and that’s good news.  Good news because it’s in our hands.  Good news because if we attend to the core mission of organizing we can become the authors of a new labor history—and it is a far, far better thing to be the author of your own world than a critic of the existing one. There are good reasons to believe that we can develop the capacity for renewal if we tap sources now nearly forgotten or largely unknown: the traditions of organizing and the transformative potential organizing still holds for the labor movement. Opportunity knocks, but, even the best of opportunities must be taken.

Organizing should be our top priority.  Why?  It is our most achievable major goal and fundamental to labor’s entire mission.


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  1. i've met rich; great guy.
    i reposted this one too.

    there are three t's in "twittter"
    in the link near the top of
    your sidebar.

  2. Thanks for the reposting & the heads up ~ I am always adding a 3rd to twitter. D'ya suppose there's a subtext there?

    I agree about Rich ~ btw he's the only one with NFM whom I've met in person. Some years back he came to NM for the AAUP about the time we were trying to start a chapter at the Valencia Campus

  3. There are other good articles at New Unionism. I read on the your web site that NFM isn't going the union route, but I hope you cover more in New Unionism than just the article that touches on your own organization.

  4. I am so taken with the rich array of articles at the New Unionism that I'll be mining them for the blog for some time. You can take that to the bank... not something you can say about much these days. Seriously, in my personal opinion, NU's networking approach should be a strong model for NFM.

    But so much is happening in higher ed these days that it's almost too much for one person to blog adequately.

    Wouldn't 2010 predictions make an interesting post?


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