Monday, November 2, 2009

Petition to Rescind U of Akron DNA Sampling Rule

Surely you've caught the buzz over U Akron's DNA and NFM VP Matt Williams' dramatic reaction that brought the administrative regulation out of the shadows and put it square in the public eye.

The story moved out of academic and college presses and blogs in short order, jumping into non-academic social and mainstream media, even crossing the Atlantic.

Surely that's worth its own story but not just yet. First, let's add our names to the online petition that Matt created.

The petition calls on The University of Akron to rescind the offending provision of University Rule 3359-11-22 that DNA sampling of applicants for employment.

Please repost on any other blogs, lists, or websites. We want to reach 10K signatures by the end of the week.

Rescind University of Akron DNA Sampling Rule

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