Friday, October 23, 2009

VIEWPOINT: State system exploits part-time professors | Other voices - The News Tribune | Seattle-Tacoma News, Weather, Sports, Jobs, Homes and Car

Remember that misbegotten Money magazine article? Keith Hoeller's article in the Tacoma News Tribune, VIEWPOINT: State system exploits part-time professors, opens:

"In its November issue, Money magazine asks: “Do college professors have great jobs, or what?” It answered with a resounding “Yes!”

The magazine ranks college teaching as the third best job in America in its November issue. It also ranks college teaching as the third least stressful job in America, with nearly 60 percent of professors surveyed saying their job is low stress.

When I shared this story during lunch with several professors at my community college, there was howling laughter all around. No one recognized themselves in this story, which highlighted a median salary of $70,400, flexible scheduling, intellectual freedom, long holidays and summer vacations.

How could Money have gotten it so wrong?"


  1. I guess thye meant a "real" professor and not a "standby" one. I never expected academia to have the same hierarchical structure as the military.

    -C Partridge

  2. I like the "standby" image but have to admit though that flying not military standby was what 1st came to mind ~ I used to work for a now defunct airline, flew standby often as did military, mostly enlisted.

    In turn, that leads me to comparing tenured with commissioned and adjuncts with enlisted ~ except for signing bonuses. Whimsically, I wonder if tenure would then make one a gentleman and a scholar. Then there's the history of the term "infantry" for front line cannon (or would that be canon?) fodder.

    However, I've always thought of myself as real and confess to having had an eek reaction when I thought the comment was in response to the preceding post.


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