Thursday, October 29, 2009

IHE: DNA Swab for Your Job

Picking up traction indeed ~ from Matt's press release to ACLU, CBS News blog & now IHE. Can CHE even NYT be far behind? The topic and issues should be to alternate press tastes as well. 

DNA Swab for Your Job via Inside Higher Ed on 10/29/09: U. of Akron says all new employees must be willing to submit to an unusual test for academic employment. Adjunct leader quits in disgust.

Aside from obvious questions of ethics and legalities, how do such requirements affect adjuncts more adversely than full time and tenure faculty? Maria Maisto observed that, should DNA sampling become a widespread policy, an adjunct teaching at multiple campuses might be required to submit 5-6 samples. Also, one might ask who pays for testing? Most states require fingerprinting for K-12 teachers and staff ~ often paid for by the school district. Substitute teachers (non contract) and volunteers pay for their own testing.

From the Department of Ill Wind and Cloud Linings: this suggests (indeed screams out for) street theater treatment and CEW activities (ripped from the headlines as it were). Put a jar of swabs and a stack of lab sample envelopes on your tables...


  1. Go Matt!~ it's disturbing that the hegemony of academia is narrowing even further...

    can we afford as a 21st century village to dilute the knowledge pool any further...?

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